1984 By Essay George Orwell

1984 By Essay George Orwell-31
So as you can see Stalin's "Soviet Union" was much like "Oceania" The monitoring for Big Brother is achieved by telescreens, the Thought Police, other Party member, and even your own family.Another way both Stalin and Big Brother tried to gain power was by changing language.

Stalin "purged the people who did not agree with him when he came to power. They killed Winston's parents and many others.

Also Stalin exiled his primary political rival, Trotsky, just as "BIG BROTHER" got rid of Emanuel Goldstein.

The objectives of the Spies, the Ministry of Truth, Thought Police, and the telescreens in Oceania are mirrored in Stalin’s Russia by the actions of the KGB, and all the technologies they used to monitor people. The Ministry of Truth worked to change the past in all forms of media, making Big Brother appear to have always been right.

Stalin had books rewritten, histories revamped, and paintings altered to feature his presence.

Although unlimited control could not be achieved in 1930’s Russia, Orwell gives Big Brother this power to demonstrate how, if ever attained, it would lead to the complete destruction of individual freedom.

Tangible similarities between the two leaders, Stalin and Big Brother, are also daunting.

The Party rejects and vilifies every principle for which the Socialist movement ever stood, and it chooses to do this in the name of Socialism, just as Stalin claimed to be following Lenin, when in reality he had his own ambitions.

Stalin used massive amounts of propaganda to show how well the soviets were doing.

A key parallel between the Party and Stalin’s Communism is the use of technology and communication to control the economic, social, and personal aspects of life.

Stalin and Big Brother achieved total control, not only of social and economic aspects of the state, but also of their people’s personal lives.


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