30 60 90 Day Business Plan Template

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One method that both parties can use to smooth out the transition period is the development of a 30-60-90 day business plan.

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It is an outline of what the candidate intends or proposes to achieve in the first 90 days, if hired for the role.

The 30–60–90-day plan is not just a tool used during an interview, it is a strategy document that every professional should write or develop before taking up a new role.

While the first 30 days of the plan involve the "ramping-up" processes, the next 30 days describe how the worker takes what he has learned and applies it toward accomplishing the appointed tasks.

The 60-day section shows you how the worker expects to contribute toward achieving the company's goals.

Business owners use 30-60-90 plans developed by job applicants to determine which prospective employees have a firm grasp on the objectives of the new position.

These plans shows you how the applicant can go from a promising prospect into a full contributor.

Every candidate that wants to develop an effective 30–60–90-day plan, needs to have a thorough understanding of the hiring company, the culture, products and /or services, the industry, competitors, customers etc.

Importance of 30–60–90 Day Plan• It shows great understanding of the role.• It shows enthusiasm and job-readiness.• It shows a good work ethic.• It portrays an invaluable hire that will go ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty.

It demonstrates to the hiring manager that you are driven, have a strong work ethic, are committed to success on the job; and you also demonstrate that you possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively perform in the role.

Your Plan also reassures the hiring manager that you are a safe hire.


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