Andrew Carnegie Robber Baron Captain Industry Essay

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Among the people who are considered to be the leaders of the nation there also existed people who were rude and frauds. Robber barons abused their position by implementing lower wages, cutting the wages of employees, and forcing the employees to work for nearly twelve hours a day.

They believed that the cost of steel and wood be affordable only by cutting the wages of the employees.

By the end of the civil war America was considered to be a nation that was having internal wars and as a failing democracy.

Today, America is the most developed nation in all terms and the supreme power globally. They are considered to be the first captains of the industry.

It includes, Vanderbilt and Rockefeller who were ready to take any risk and go to any extreme in order to accumulate wealth.

Robber Barons were known for their inhuman treatment of employees and the methods that they used.Rockefeller, Andres Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, were all big business leaders in the 19th century. But many questioned whether America should view these three men as Captains of Industry or Robber Barons. Although we can use the words interchangeably in common language, with “charity” being a placeholder for both, there is a definite distinction when it comes to philanthropy the super-rich.So when we say they “gave away” their money “to charity,” we mean they directed their money through philanthropy for what they thought was the public good.However, this was not an acceptable reason since it was not necessary for cutting wages of the employees to purchase the resources.Robber Barons refer to the people who were negative in their thought and action.Carnegie proposed that the best way of dealing with the new phenomenon of wealth inequality was for the wealthy to redistribute their surplus means in a responsible and thoughtful manner.This approach was contrasted with traditional bequest (patrimony), where wealth is handed down to heirs, and other forms of bequest e.g.These leaders were not only skilled but also very much concerned about the society and the people around them.United States of America experienced drastic change during the period of 1800-1900.


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