Art Of Problem Solving Prealgebra

Art Of Problem Solving Prealgebra-11
Ao PS track students are passionately committed to the study of Mathematics for its own sake and are intrigued by (and want to explore) critical problems in Mathematics.

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To get the most out of an Ao PS book (or pretty much any other math book), do the problems. Do the exercises at the end of each section, and the review and challenge problems at the end of each chapter.

There are a lot of problems, and some of them are quite difficult, so you should not expect to be able to solve every single one of them.

In addition to simply satisfying the metrics of each course, the teachers will focus on student discovery through individual explorations.

Students are encouraged to form learning groups that offer a natural context for practicing mathematical communication.

I would like to ask, how does one use the AOPS books, are they meant to be supplementary to a full textbook?

Or are they used for introducing new concepts that you would have leant in a textbook etc.

The program is flexible in that it provides the challenge and interest necessary for those who want a sound mathematical background on which to base further study while satisfying the needs of students for whom mathematics is not their primary orientation.

To this end, TVT Mathematics offers different tracks of courses to its students.

Just an absolutely outstanding set of problems ranging from introductory to Olympiad level problems to challenge all types of kids looking to learn from their books.

We ran across a really nice challenge problem in the chapter about congruence today that made lots great math conversation.


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