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• Assignee can send a copy of the assignation directly to the debtor and intimate that there has been an assignation.

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They are now the owner as they are in good faith and didn't know about the other contract • s25 - sale by a future owner who has possession but not ownership yet.

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Kilting a contract Converting an English law contract into a Scottish law equivalent will take more than adding a bit of tartan check to the front page and remembering that the two jurisdictions have different public holidays.

and there must be text from the final clause of the main body of the contract on the same page as the first signature line to meet the self-proving test.

• Most cannot be transferred as they are not fungible - usually cannot apply a right to a different situation (can transfer money to a different person, cannot change contract to paint someone else’s house etc). • Conveyance - delivery of deed and the action of assignation.

• THIS IS ASSIGNATION - transferring an obligation under a personal right • Transferor/assignor/cedent • Transferee/assignee • Debtor - the person who owes the obligation • Contract of assignation - written or verbal. Deed represents the personal right as it does not have a physical presence.

There is no requirement for consideration under Scots Law and only recently has the concept of signing in counterpart been introduced into the Scottish legal system through the .

Time will tell if this becomes commonly used in practice.

Following the 2014 referendum, we may officially be “better together” but the legal systems in England and Wales and Scotland have always been subject to some stark differences.

When dealing with a contract that is subject to Scots Law, what are the key differences and where should legal advisors look to adjust terms and conditions or their advice accordingly?


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