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But how do you provide Raspberry Pi with an IP address that always remains the same?This guide explains which options you have for linking a static IP address to your Raspberry Pi.A static IP address for Raspberry Pi is set up somewhat differently for each router.

But how do you provide Raspberry Pi with an IP address that always remains the same?

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But if the minicomputer only has a dynamic private IP address, then you have to reselect the current IP address for every SSH access and link it to the SSH client – you bypass this step with a static private IP address.

A static private IP address is essential for your Raspberry Pi if you want to set it up as a server in the LAN.

With a Linksys router, the Linksys app allows you to manage multiple devices and handle all of the router assignments remotely.

Various other routers also support similar functions, and so can be used for linking Raspberry Pi with a static IP address.

If the Raspberry Pi server is also to continue being available outside of the local network, then you have to assign it another static address via which the server can be accessed on the internet.

For example, an internet connection with a static public IP address or a DDNS service.

This changes the public IP address with which the Raspberry Pi server can be reached.

If you want to set up your Raspberry Pi as an own Cloud server or in another server form, the following problem occurs: As soon as the server receives a new IP address, it can only be traced in the LAN.

Find the DDNS support tutorial for whichever individual router your DDNS server is intended to operate on, such as this tutorial for Linksys routers.

Many routers support the ability to provide individual devices within the local network with a static IP address.


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