Assigning Keyboard Keys

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Switching between tabs is an extremely common task, but the keyboard shortcuts for it aren’t super intuitive.On Chrome for Windows, switching to the next tab requires Ctrl Tab or Ctrl Pg Down while switching to the previous tab requires Ctrl Shift Tab or Ctrl Pg Up.

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Launching your favorite apps is actually quite easy and doesn’t even require the remapping software.

Simply create a shortcut for the application you want on your desktop, then right-click on that shortcut and select Properties.

Have a browse through them, and if you see any shortcuts that might be extremely useful but are placed awkwardly, remap some of your unused keys for them.

Function keys along the top are usually good for this, or Scr Lk, Insert, Home, and End keys.

If your keyboard has a number pad on the right side, simply assign all of the numbers to the left for a better gaming experience.

This is one of my favorite tweaks, and has enhanced my productivity by a lot.

If you want to get a bit fancier, you can even launch multiple apps using a batch file.

For switching between apps, Windows already has a variety of shortcuts — the trick is making a shortcut that is easier to use (though you won’t be able to use the browser trick mentioned in the previous section).

Click on the key you want to change, then find the key you want it to become in the drop-down menu below.

It even has “Teach Mode” at the bottom to help you get started.


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