Atomic Bomb Was Justified Essay

Incredibly, the Japanese militarists still resisted. With channels opened, the Allies agreed to allow continuation of the Imperial office. 14 there was formal acceptance of the modified Potsdam Declaration.

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The two bombs teamed together in taking over 100.000 lives instantly and many more thousands from the after affect of radiation. Oppenheimer was a German Jew that had previously fled from the Nazi party.

The atomic bomb was created in the south western desert of the United States under top secret conditions. For many years, the Germans and Americans were in a race to complete the bomb first.

On August 6, 1945, the United States became the first country to ever use the atomic bomb in warfare.

On this day, the first of the two atomic bombs were dropped.

Projected casualties were all over the map—American General Douglas Mac Arthur, to encourage invasion, tried to low-ball the figures for Kyushu (25,000 dead, 105,000 wounded, he suggested).

Others were more sanguine; the Army Quartermaster General ordered 370,000 Purple Hearts in anticipation of the final campaigns.It had taken both Truman and Hirohito to end the war. Was the United States justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan?Leaders decide with what they know, what they think they know and, if they have any humility, the knowledge that they do not know everything. Other options were indefinite blockade and bombing, and outright invasion—but at what cost?The militarists who had murdered and misled their way to power in the 1930s were untroubled by doubts. Truman knew Russia would enter the Asian war in mid-August 1945, but the scale and objectives of that intervention were unknown. forces 12,520 killed, 38,916 wounded (many maimed) and 33,096 non-combat injuries, including the highest rate of combat fatigue in any campaign.The Potsdam Declaration of July 26, 1945—not quite the “unconditional surrender” that had been demanded of Germany—offered one more chance.The Japanese government declared they would ignore it altogether.The military utility of nuclear weapons persists, in part, because of the misplaced belief that their use ended the war in the Pacific in 1945. HALLIDAY Somebody had to stop the killing —but who and how?Since 1937 Japan had been continuously at war, first with China and eventually with Britain and the United States.It had been a war of many atrocities and reprisals, from the Rape of Nanking onwards.By July 1945, Japan had been beaten back on most fronts, but her military leaders refused to surrender.


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