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These sounds add an appealing element to a narrative story. Lo Bello holds a bachelor's degree in K-8 education, a secondary degree in early childhood education and a master's degree in computer education.If you open an essay with a sentence such as, “This was the worst storm I’d ever seen,” you run the risk of boring your readers.

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Primarily, you’ll find attention getters from your own experiences.

Once you know your topic and the three points you want to cover in the essay, start asking yourself what you know about the topic and points that make it interesting.

Consider who your readers are and relate to them in a relevant manner. If your audience is a group of middle-school students, you might tickle their fancy with a comical opening about your school dance fiasco: “My enthusiasm for the school dance suddenly turned to horror when I realized the pants I wore weren’t designed for doing splits.” Readers see and hear your narrative when you use direct quotations. Our family’s peaceful sleep swiftly turned into a terrifying nightmare when an unrelenting fire swept through our home last summer." Paint a picture with words, and your readers will instantly visualize the scene and make a connection.

They also get an inside glimpse into the feeling and emotion of your story. Include sensory details that establish a sense of time and place.

For those who aren’t already familiar with Jamie Oliver, Food Revolution, or Pink Slime, here’s a You Tube video you could easily find online.

Remember, too, that it’s best to use attention getters with which the reader is already familiar, but even if the reader/grader doesn’t know who or what the celebrity, TV show, book, website, etc.Also ask if you should include hyperlinks in the references or not.It all depends on the style required by the assignment and teacher.IF, however, you’re writing an essay at home, or in a classroom with internet access allowed, do a Google search on your topic. Think about recent blog or social networking posts you’ve noticed that may relate to the topic. You can even start the introductory paragraph with a quotation from a book, website, video, etc.Just make sure you put it in quotation marks and mention where it orginally came from.You can combine statistics with a personal experience. When I enrolled as a freshman in high school last year, I had no idea that I would become one of those statistics.” You will surprise readers with the facts, and they’ll be sympathetic to your plight.For example, you could write, “One in four children is bullied on a regular basis in U. Inject humor into your essay with a funny or absurd notion.A narrative story elaborates on a sequence of events that happens over time.The first lines in a narrative must grab a reader’s attention and encourage him to continue reading the story.Reinforce what you’re about to say with a thought-provoking question.When you begin a narrative with a question, you’re making a point, not seeking an answer.


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