Best Problem Solving Techniques

Best Problem Solving Techniques-21
Your approach to problem solving is more intuitive than systematic, and this may have led to some poor experiences in the past.

Your approach to problem solving is more intuitive than systematic, and this may have led to some poor experiences in the past.

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Skim through the sections where you lost points below, and sharpen your skills still further!

(Read below to start.)Some problems are very obvious, however others are not so easily identified. If you move forward to find a solution too quickly, you risk relying on imperfect information that's based on assumptions and limited perspectives, so make sure that you research the problem thoroughly.

With a clear problem definition, start generating ideas for a solution.

The key here is to be flexible in the way you approach a problem.

In fact, it's simply the start of the next phase in problem solving: implementation. If you haven't already developed a full Risk Analysis in the evaluation phase, do so now.

It's important to know what to be prepared for as you begin to roll out your proposed solution.(Read below to start.) Your approach to problem solving is a little "hit-and-miss." Sometimes your solutions work really well, and other times they don't.You understand what you should do, and you recognize that having a structured problem-solving process is important. By working on your consistency and committing to the process, you'll see significant improvements.Where appropriate, involve people with different viewpoints to expand the volume of ideas generated.After finding ideas, you'll have many options that must be evaluated.As part of an effective problem-solving process, you need to look actively for problems – even when things seem to be running fine. Now that you understand the problem, define it clearly and completely.Proactive problem solving helps you avoid emergencies and allows you to be calm and in control when issues arise. Writing a clear problem definition forces you to establish specific boundaries for the problem.It's tempting at this stage to charge in and start discarding ideas immediately.However, if you do this without first determining the criteria for a good solution, you risk rejecting an alternative that has real potential.Or have you found yourself fixing just the symptoms of a problem, only for the situation to get much worse?To be an effective problem-solver, you need to be systematic and logical in your approach.


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