Bridge Erected Span-By-Span Thesis

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1) Weight of the girder: This weight includes the self-weight of one girder and weight of another girder which will be carried over the girder after placing.

2) No of temporary bearings for one girder: Number of temporary bearing at each end under the girder is taken considering the total load on the bearing and capacity of each bearing.

Therefore, total load on each temporary bearing = = 100 tons Considering weight of girder launcher machine and adding some factor of safety, total load on each bearing was taken as 120 tons = 1200 k N.

b) Thickness of the steel plate was selected by trial method using the compressive strength test for the design load on the bearing.

Design of the temporary bearing is very simple and can be manufactured at site.

This method has been proved in construction of Arial Kha Bridge and can be applied for other similar bridges in Bangladesh. Introduction Construction of continuous girder bridge is done by launching the girders as simply supported span and the girders of two adjacent spans are made continuous by casting the girder end joint section on pier top.The main disadvantage of this type of bridges is that, the seismic resistance is weak, and under the external force beyond the design range, the bridges are more likely to fall in danger because of failure in girders.Also they have expansion joints for each span, which affects the comfort of driving and the overall integrity of the bridge deck is poor [1].We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .c) The outer diameter of the cylindrical body was taken as 200 mm for the bottom cylinder and for top cylinder, it was taken as 240 mm considering the lowest free space on pier top against the fixed bearing pad and free space inside the compressive strength testing machine.Dimension of the base plate was taken as 300 × 300 mm for both top and bottom cylinder.The detailed dimension of temporary bearing used at Arial Kha Bridge is shown in Figure 1. Production and Application Production of temporary bearings is very simple and it can be done in construction site.First cylindrical body is made, and is welded properly with the base plate.Therefore, design and construction of the bridges have been revised to establish continuity between girders of two adjacent spans and transform the bridge as simply supported continuous beam bridge [2].Temporary bearing (sandbox) method is proposed in this paper to solve the system transformation of continuous beam bridges.


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