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This course is the most detailed roadmap to opening your own independent coffee shop business offered anywhere!

Essential hand-pour coffee equipment is relatively inexpensive.

At minimum, you’ll need a goose-necked kettle, a pour-over brewer such as the Hario v60, Chemex or Clever coffee dripper, and filters.

There is something about a coffee shop that captivates you — whether it’s the precision of the brewing process, the burst of the aromas, or the variety of customers that come through the door on a daily basis.

If you’re eager to take the plunge, here’s what you need to know about how to start a coffee shop.

However, hand-pour coffees at our Crimson Cup Coffee Houses have become so popular that we’ve set up dedicated brew bars that allow preparation of several pour-over coffees at a time.

Brew bar costs include: (Costs are based on proprietary research of independent coffee shops and are current as of January 2019.) Many of the coffee houses we work with like the ease and convenience of the Modbar pour-over brewing station, which brings precision-temperature water to the counter and eliminates the need for kettles.

Precise control is the hallmark of hand-pour brewing, so you’ll also need a scale to weigh ground coffee in grams.

Equipment for a single hand-pour station costs as little as 5.

If your staff isn’t expert on preparing hand-pour coffee, you may also want to invest in barista training.

A basic hand-pour course for one barista can cost about x.


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