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A design registration is a type of intellectual property right protecting the way an object looks, its shape, and visual appeal.

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Intellectual property is an asset of the business and can be bought or sold like any other asset.

It can be used for example, to earn royalties from licensing, create strategic alliances with other businesses, and to secure loans.

The feedback obtained from the early adopters can then be used to adapt and improve the product.

This process can be repeated in a loop until the product is fully developed.

He has been a manager and an auditor with Deloitte, a big 4 accountancy firm, and holds a BSc from Loughborough University.

Having written dozens of plans, we understand that not all business ideas are worth pursuing.Does your information technology strategic plan promote functional initiatives that will drive enterprise productivity, innovation and growth?The product and technology section of the business plan is where you describe the product, its current state of development or readiness for the market, and whether or not your business has any intellectual property rights such as a patent, trademark, copyright or registered designs.The advantage of the minimum viable product method is that allows a startup business, usually with limited financial resources, a low risk method of launching a product; feedback is instant and the product can then be improved.With the conventional high risk method, the majority of the feedback comes too late after the product has been fully developed when any change would be costly.For example, copyright will protect music, films, books.There is no set style for the product and technology section of the business plan, a few paragraphs together with bullet points should be sufficient to explain the product itself, what it does, and the technology behind it.Issuing a minimum viable product into the market place is one method a business can adopt to achieve a lean startup methodology.A minimum viable product, often abbreviated to MVP, is a product with just enough features to see whether it will work in the real world.Registering a design gives the business the exclusive right to use it, and another business using the same or similar design is said to have infringed the design registration and could be sued for damages.Copyrights protect material when it is written down or recorded.


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