Business Plan Writing Guide

A strong, well-thought-out business plan is crucial for a business's success.

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If you want to want to take out a loan, bring on a business partner, or more you'll need a solid plan in order. However, writing a business plan isn't easy and not everyone knows exactly what the business plan should outline.

What's even more confusing is that no two business plans should look the same.

We wrote a complete guide to show what your business plan should detail and how to write it. For example, if your business operates in a very niche space, you don't want to use niche and complex language that no one will understand if your plan will be reviewed by lenders or investors who don't have much knowledge of your space.

Also, keep the length of your plan in mind when it comes to your reader.

We’re here to help you create a business plan that is well structured to aid you in securing the financing you may need to get your business off the ground.

We’ve created a process that is easy to start AND finish.But if your business is newer and not yet profitable, be clear and realistic with your projections.For example, if your sales have been increasing at a steady 5% every quarter, you don't want to suddenly assume 50% sales growth per quarter for no reason.You'll use a business plan to sell your business to investors, qualify your business with for a loan with lenders, and more. Any good business will have done comprehensive analyses of the market that its entering. What are your competitors doing well and not so well? How will your business operate on a day-to-day basis? How will it be priced, and how does that play in the market compared to competitors? You could have the best product in the world but it won't matter if no one knows about it.Having a solid plan is always useful and can also help keep your actions as a business owner on track. Additionally, supplement your sell with a high level summary of your plan and operating model. Feel free to include the following as well: This is your first opportunity to really go into detail about your business. This doesn't just apply to large corporations, and your reader will likely want to see evidence of this. Why are you moving into this space, and what's the weakness to be exploited in the industry? Identify your target market and really detail out how you'll make that market aware of your product.It doesn't matter if you include a request for funding in your plan, you will want to include a financial analysis here.You'll want to do two things here: Paint a picture of your business's performance in the past and show it will grow in the future.Research industry norms and look up how comparable businesses have performed.Include income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements for multiple years if possible.Think of it as a litmus test to prove that every step taken is part of a larger calculated effort.Business plans are also crucial for external affairs.


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