Case Studies In Knowledge Management For Researchers Teachers And Students

Case Studies In Knowledge Management For Researchers Teachers And Students-35
A case study of the processes and lesson learned was done in this paper.Multiple sources of data, including observations, questionnaires and interviews, have been collected for evaluation.

A KM framework for enhancement of knowledge sharing by the use of shared intellectual repositories (IRs) is proposed for the enhancement of teaching and learning in technical educational institutions in India.

The authors value the impact that KM can have in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in TEIs, and underscore the need for credible research into the benefits and challenges that the implementation of IT‐based KM intervention will provide.

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Although these results of the study conducted in one school may not be generalized to other school contexts, the lessons learned in the study will be a strong empirical evidence of research of KM implementation, especially in schools.

Because of the limited number of prior studies and the importance of the pioneering work of launching KM implementation, this paper tries to address the research gap by using theory building from cases as a research strategy rather than theory testing research, especially in “how”and“why” in the steps of kicking off KM implementation in an unexplored research area.Breaking through the barrier of sharing was found to be very essential to KM implementation.This paper adopts case study methodology to report the process of KM implementation in a school.Despite the fact that schools should be places where learning occurs, most schools have overlooked the importance of knowledge.In contrast, commercial firms have recognized knowledge as a strategic intangible asset and a key resource of the enterprises.A KM system called knowledge base and a document management system called Digital Archive were developed to serve as the infrastructure for knowledge sharing.Lesson study and communities of practice (Co Ps) were adopted to be the platforms for knowledge sharing among teachers in the school.Furthermore, the development of an IT‐based KM system will facilitate the promotion of institutional value in the competitive academic society. (2012), "Enhancing the teaching‐learning process: a knowledge management approach", International Journal of Educational Management, Vol. However there exists the need to evaluate the proposed framework in TEIs in India. These articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication but are pending final changes, are not yet published and may not appear here in their final order of publication until they are assigned to issues.Therefore, the content conforms to our standards but the presentation (e.g.


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