Catholic Schools Week Essay 2011

Catholic Schools Week Essay 2011-27
Across the schools of Islam, these are core views and I do not hold them, nor do the nice Muslims I meet hold them.

And it's through the support of people like you that it is able to do so.

Donate Now I have had many friendly contacts with many Muslims. As someone who values tolerance, freedom and respect for the human person, I struggle to find evidence of these in the Qu'ran, Sharia and Islamic texts such as the Bukhari the ahadith and The Reliance of the Traveller, all central texts explaining Islamic belief.

To me, it is clear that when people have at least a basic understanding of diverse cultures and religions they tend to be more accepting.

Does it really matter what religion you follow or which God you believe in if you are a good person, and treat everyone how you would like to be treated?

So long may people like Nadine flourish and contradict the intolerance at the heart of Islam.

Skye | 16 November 2011 In Australia's immigration history there is a ladder on which migrants climb from racist discrimination to equality.

I have come to the conclusion that the nice Muslims I meet are not truly Islamic, as they do not hold to the tenets of Shariah.

If they did they would have to support the killing of those who convert out of Islam, the stoning of adulterers, the killing of homosexuals and the killing of the Jews.

Catholic Schools Week takes place every year beginning on the last Sunday in the month of January.

I do not like the use of the word 'racists' at all. I have never been subject to any form of racism during my time in school although I have been subject to what I call a .


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