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You want to find a topic that you find interesting, one that will enable you to do well and demonstrate your academic strengths and will also impress a prospective employer with your interests and abilities.And, of course, you want to avoid a topic that will lead you down a blind alley or paint you into a corner.If your degree requires you to write a dissertation but you’ve got no idea what to do, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Your topic might be influenced by personal or political interests, a motivation to fill gaps in the existing literature, or because you’ve noticed something unusual about particular trends or behaviours.

The best dissertations are the result of genuine interest or intrigue.

Dissertations are supposed to be a substantial undertaking; they’re designed to test your scholarly mettle and test you on a number of qualities which are attractive to employers, such as a capacity for clearly communicating your ideas.

Part of this involves your ability to: This seems obvious, but the bulk of your dissertation topic will be determined by the subject you’re studying.

In my experience, Sociology spoke to me because I’m really interested in gender dynamics and I saw my dissertation as the perfect vehicle for exploring that topic further.

Dissertation topics do not appear from thin air, but their inspiration can come from unexpected sources.

If you’ve ever conducted your own research or have written a dissertation before, perhaps during your undergraduate degree, then you’ll know that your work is an indication of your aptitude in certain skills relevant to your course and career path.

Obviously, postgraduate dissertations are another level up and you’re expected to think, research and write like the academics you cite in your work.

If this sounds impossible, consider the following questions.

It’s important to get to know your personal tutor anyway, because they’re responsible for supporting your personal and academic development as well as providing you with a reference at the end of your degree.


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