Clockwork Orange Nadsat Essay

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Kubrick’s film keeps this adolescent depravity intact, but adds a menacing quality to many of the older characters as well. Kubrick adds this quality to the population as a way to suggest that Alex is simply a product of his environment, a monster bred out of a dysfunctional society.

While this change fits into the narrative of the film, it actively detracts from Burgess’s intended message of human growth, a message entirely ignored by Kubrick due to one drastic is based upon the American edition of Burgess’s book.

In this way, the scene, along with the rest of the book, has its harshness masked by being described through another world’s lens (Olsen 5).

This is one of the reasons the book’s message does not translate well to a visual medium.

While Anthony Burgess was alive, he was an incredibly prolific writer with over fifty books to his credit.

Despite the impressive scale of this bibliography, he is mostly known in the public consciousness for one single work: his 1962 novella, Taking place in a version of England that is continually terrorized by gangs of rabid youth, the book chronicles the exploits of Alex, a sociopathic and depraved teenager who eventually transforms from a horribly destructive adolescent to a man aiming to be a constructive member of society.

familiar environments, fashion, etc.) Kubrick shows a much different world.

Brightly colored sets, extravagant costumes, and bizarrely sexual paintings are all seen perennially throughout the film’s runtime, effectively giving the impression that is an alternate universe devoid of conventional social constructs.

Although Burgess later looked down on this particular book, it has remained his most well-known work, due in no small part to a 1971 film adaptation directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Since its release, the movie has had a large impact on popular culture and has developed a cult following.


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