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Therefore, he only understands half of the story; his sight is only half restored.The full vision of who Jesus is will be revealed only in the cross and resurrection.

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The handbook of Mark is composed of two parts which are almost equal in length.

What concludes the first and opens the second is a question concerning the person of Jesus: Who do you say I am? (29) From here onwards the second part of the disciples' training begins.

"Recognition of Jesus' messiah-ship is not sufficient if one does not also accept the scandal of the cross (-32).

The two elements should not be separated from each other; their union constitutes the pivot of Mark's gospel" J.

The second, the cure of the blind Bartimaeus, makes it very clear that the disciples, even though they are following Jesus on the way, still lack sight.

Mark sees Bartimaeus as representing any disciple who reaches full perception.

Only after his cure through Jesus' touch can he follow Jesus on the way.

It is an obvious truth that no one can walk a way without sight but it is especially true of Jesus' way; whoever does not see Jesus cannot follow him, and whoever does not follow him cannot see him.

We could call the first part the journey through Galilee (Mk -) and the second part the way to Jerusalem (-) having its end in Jerusalem itself (11:1-15.39).

The First Part: The Journey Through Galilee The first part of being a disciple in Mark's handbook could also be called the springtime of the disciples' vocation, the time with the master in Galilee.


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