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By reducing all paragraphs over 7 sentences long, you won’t only bring your word count down.You will also make your essay much clearer and easy to read.

In these instances, you will have to simply rely on the essay question. Chances are, any paragraph over 7 sentences isn’t being fully read.

When you have your marking criteria or essay question by your side, read each paragraph then look back to your marking criteria. The teacher might have only read the first three sentences and made their judgement about your work based on those three sentences!

Use it to your advantage and listen out for anything that sounds complicated, confusing, awkward or exhausting. Remember, the goal is to have your paper sounding short and clear.

When editing your work, it is best to have the marking criteria by your side at all times.

The best essays have no dull, irrelevant or sub-par content.

Every paragraph is on-point and designed to win you more and more marks. Below, I introduce five important strategies that will help you to reduce your word count in a way that will actually increase your mark!

The marking criteria is the list of things the teacher is looking for when marking your essay.

Sometimes it’s also called: These should be easy to find.

Go to your course webpage (usually on Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle depending on your university) and find where your teacher has provided details about your assessment.

If there is a marking criteria, this is where it would be.


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