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The focus of the paragraph is to explain why your research was needed and clearly state the question your research answers.

Clearly and concisely explain your results, findings, and conclusions.

Remove any stray points or sentences that do not directly relate to the purpose, major results, and most important findings and conclusions of your study.

As you revise the cover letter, ask yourself if the impact, novelty, and relevance of your findings are clear.

Before you begin, check your target journal’s author instructions for any cover letter requirements, such as certain specifically worded statements.

No matter what else you decide to include, always make sure that your cover letter contains any required information and statements described in your target journal’s author instructions.

You’re probably not the only one applying for that job.

That might seem obvious, but too many cover letters are written in a robotic style that leave little impression on hiring managers who are sifting through vast piles of applications, according to career counselors.

In addition to any information and statements required by your target journal, every cover letter should contain the following elements: Write one or more sentences to address each of these points.

You will revise and polish these sentences to complete your cover letter.


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