Creating A Business Plan For A Small Business

This section will detail who will implement each strategy, how it will be measured and when it will be measured.The action plan is what the business will use as a guideline to ensure that the business is successful in pursuing its goals.

This is also an appropriate location for citations and research information that supports your industry statistics and market analysis.

Leigh Anthony has provided ghostwritten content for a variety of small-business sites since 2004. Her areas of expertise include marketing, human resources, finance and leadership.

A business plan is a guide that can help you navigate the ups and downs of small business ownership.

A well-written business plan will cover major strategies, setting goals, time lines and contingency plans.

Next is an overview of the product and service offerings of the business followed by competitor analysis.

Finally, the marketing strategy should be detailed and focus on the four "P's" of marketing--product, place (distribution), promotion and price.

However, the business plan provides a foundation for operations and helps the management team to think through all aspects of the small business.

Though the table of contents and the executive summary will appear first in the small business plan, these two elements will be written last.

This part of the plan often includes a chart format to make tracking business goals easier.

The final section of the business plan is the appendices.


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