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The advanced level features important documents (Magna Carta through the Bill of Rights), Thinkers and Visionaries (Socrates through Steve Jobs), Famous Authors (Aesop through Crichton), Historical Events (Industrial Revolution through Medical Advances), and Vital Speeches (President Washington through President Obama).Reading Comprehension - Critical Thinking Series Curriculum Syllabus The process begins with a statement of what is to be studied, proceeds to unrestricted discovery and consideration of possibilities, and concludes with a pattern for understanding that is based on the evidence in the given information.They rely on critical thinking skills to tell them whether to believe it.

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At this point, the reader has done very little critical thinking.

Critical reading begins as readers start to form interpretations and make inferences.

Readers can make judgments on a range of topics, from character’s actions to the writer’s style.

However, those judgments only count as critical thinking when they are supported by examples from the text and explained with valid reasoning.

This Reading and Critical Thinking Series entices students to think and make conclusions.

Practicing thinking by reading the situations thoroughly and understanding what is being questioned, forms the basis of improving critical thinking skills.

Readers might ask these questions while wrestling with a particularly tricky metaphor or an unfamiliar analogy.

Questioning strategies lead to critical thinking when the reader begins to monitor his comprehension by asking, “Do I understand what I’m what I’m reading?

Readers begin to question the writer’s ideas and compare what the text says to what they know to be true.

Blending comprehension with critical thinking leads to the highest possible levels of understanding.


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