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In this lesson, we'll discuss five major dimensions of critical thinking.

These include: What is it that makes thinking, something everyone on the planet does, critical?

Then the topic of that question is researched, a hypothesis is posed, and experimentation is conducted.

Finally, the results are interpreted and new questions may be formulated.

We use critical thinking skills every day of our lives.

At the most basic level, critical thinking is “thinking on purpose”.

Continue reading to learn about five dimensions of critical thinking.

From applying the scientific method, to covering a news story, to analyzing a crime scene, critical thinking is required.

Then use the script to make a short myss video that shows each of the 7 emotions.2) Analysis Take a proverb or motivational saying and identify the intended meaning behind the statement.

Then create a short myss video on the proverb / saying.3) Inference Read a crime story (real life or fictional) and gather clues as to who was responsible for the crime.


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