Critical Thinking Word Problems 4th Grade

Critical Thinking Word Problems 4th Grade-9
A hallmark of critical thinking is metacognition, which is thinking about thinking.When utilizing critical thinking, you are looking at the whole problem, rather than just the solution.

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One thing to keep in mind is that not every question needs to be posed at level five. It's good to start at level one and work your way up.

Also, younger students will struggle with higher levels as they require a degree of self-reflection that might be beyond their development.

At this level, the thinker is trying to identify her/his own biases and assumptions while understanding opposing viewpoints.

Information can be organized in a more complex manner, such as relevance to an argument.

Alright, while I go fix myself a sandwich you should review the facts.

Critical thinking is intentional thought that is logical, rational, and open-minded.Prompts for these questions: Explain why, Identify aspects of, List issues related to.Now we're starting to get into the meat of critical thinking.This is, in my own estimation, the level at which most critical thinking problems will be found in schools.They challenge thinking, but not at the highest level.How you frame the question sets up how the student is going to think to come up with the answer.There are five levels of complexity based on how you ask a question, going from least to most cognitively complex.Prompts for these questions: Discuss strengths and weaknesses, Compare and contrast, Identify and discuss.This level is starting to require some serious critical thinking.Prompts for these questions: Explain how you prioritized issues in reaching a solution to, Discuss how you reached this answer compared to, Defend your solution from. Now her/his job is to understand the limitations of her/his answer, acknowledge alternatives, and develop an ongoing process to incorporate new information into her/his solution. By understanding these five steps we can learn how to craft word problems that spur critical thinking development.We've reached the highest level of critical thinking. Bonus points for those of you who noticed elements of Bloom's taxonomy or Webb's depth of knowledge. Now we'll cover some examples of each level so you can see how the levels work.


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