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as the two analyses “extracted the same issues from the empirical material” ( Kalischp.

The reader identifies the research to be true to informations because.

This research study will be analyzed utilizing the standard found in the Critiquing Criteria box on p. The research worker realizes current relationship between nursing staff and hapless patient results.

reports her qualitative survey “Missed Nursing Care” on medical-surgical units in the Journal of Nursing Care Quality. The reader will analyze her usage of grounded theory qualitative research method based on the guidelines provided by Geri Lo Biondo-Wood and Judith Haber ( 2014 ) .

This problem statement was addressed promptly and clearly in the article.

The caring research that has been obtained in other studies has yielded inconsistent results due to the varying definitions of caring. none of which is communicated by Kalisch ( Lo Biondo-Wood & A ; Haber. Credibility requires that the “informants acknowledge the experience to be their own” ( Lo Biondo-Wood & A ; Haber. In the information analyses subdivision of Kalisch ( 2006 ) the writer mentioned grounded theory method was used for extraction of subjects from the interviews. the reader doesn’t know the systematic procedure used. Fitness is the “criterion that provides the reader with an chance to find the utility of the informations outside of the study” ( Lo Biondo-Wood & A ; Haber. The writer should hold described informations impregnation as mentioned antecedently. The disregard of giving the bit-by-bit procedure inhibits the reader’s ability to follow the thought of the research worker. because of losing information the reader is diffident if this is survey is repeated in other infirmaries or other units if the same subjects would germinate ( Lo Biondo-Wood & A ; Haber. Findingss The writer gives great inside informations in the findings subdivision of Kalisch ( 2006 ) leting the reader “to apprehend the kernels of the experience” ( Lo Biondo-Wood & A ; Haber. this research is done to detect what can alter nursing pattern to guarantee better patient results. Lo Biondo-Wood and Haber ( 2014 ) explains “In qualitative surveies. they are an appropriate sample for this phenomenon of survey. Kalisch could do a stronger sample for the grounded theory method if she included the words “purposive sample” . Data Collection The description of informations aggregation lacks inside informations in Kalisch ( 2006 ) . Though the writer states inquiring the interviewees to “commit to confidentiality” . Datas Analysis The writer used “qualitative analysis software” to use “a grounded theory attack by which empirical informations are thematically categorized by induction” ( Kalisch. grounded theory method was “developed originally as a sociologist’s tool” and Denzin and Lincoln ( 1998 ) add “researchers…use the grounded theory method when they are interested in societal procedure from the position of human interactions…” ( Lo Biondo-Wood & A ; Haber. Sampling In Methods and Critical Appraisal for Evidence-Based Practice. These nurses live the experiences of “missed nursing care” and can cast visible radiation on why attention is missed on medical-surgical unit ; hence. The informations aggregation did include human experience which was the nursing staff. the writer should included hints about inquiries that were asked and if anything collected from the interviews focused her survey. She decently usage grounded theory method to detect the phenomenon and roll up informations for the stated intent. it is ill-defined if the survey followed the guidelines of the grounded theory method. Kalisch analyzed societal procedure among nurses who are divided by occupation rubric into focal point groups. There is little that can be done to decrease the demand on nurses but the profession can become aware of the need to support each other. Lamentation and loss: expressions of caring by contemporary surgical nurses. Journal of Advanced Nursing 58(4), 339-347 Loiselle, C.


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