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Item Number: S0.399837 A Cruel Angel's Thesis (Evangelion OP) \| 残酷な天使のテーゼ楽譜The Sheet music Arranged by Pianominion. v=Wfqp D9dej40Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion Song name: A Cruel Angel's Thesis Original Song by: Yoko Takahashi Thank You for your support!About SMP Press This product was created by a member of SMP Press, our global community of independent composers, arrangers, and songwriters."The Heady Feeling of Freedom" is a somber and reflective piece for bowed strings and guitar, while "Good, or Don't Be" is played to a light piano and guitar tone.

Not only was it chock full of memorable imagery, the series' theme song is still one of the most popular anime theme songs among fans.End of the TV anime opening The cradle of love that sleeps within me There will be a morining that A servant of dreams will come for you. I'd stop time in this world And lock it away for myself, but...If there is any meaning In the fate that pulled us together, Then I am, yes, the Bible That teaches you of freedom.Even though clear blue winds Beat on the door of my heart, You just smile, looking straight at me Too involved in yearning for Something to hold on The innocent eyes still know nothing of fate yet.But someday you will notice On those shoulders of your There are strong wings To guide you to the far future.A cruel angel's thesis And then sorrow comes forth When the shapes of the dreams you hold in your arms Come to life within you.Young boy, who shines brighter than anyone else, Rise to become a legend.People weave together love to create history And so I live on, Unable to become a goddess...A cruel angel's thesis Will someday fly high from the window If memories are betrayed by The overflowing, burning pathos (feelings).This conflict of emotions leads to many introspective episodes that cover the range of religious, philosophical, and existential concepts.This has also meant that series fans have eventually made a joke out of Shinji's refusal to pilot with the often uttered, "Get in the robot, Shinji." The series itself is known for its first abrupt finale during its first broadcast run featuring a complete collapse of its world.


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