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When an affiliate clicks in the home page of the affiliate panel the 'Signup Subaffiliates' link, then they get to the particular page called "Signup Subaffiliates": The "

a_aid=testaff)" part of the link is automatically generated by the system, since it points to the built-in signup page of Post Affiliate Pro.

You are able to display information about parent affiliate by customizing affiliate panel theme templates.

Note: If you want to change information about Affiliate Manager, you can proceed using How to change the information about affiliate manager (https://support....

If you do not want to allow your affiliates to change default views in their grids, you can do it by editing the affiliate panel theme 1.

for all affiliate grids (by removing the 'views' widget): in the Theme editor in the "Affiliate panel theme" find and edit: 'grid_topbuttons.tpl' remove div "Top Right Buttons" with widget id "views". Find the file banner_widget_and remove this line: Save your modification, make sure your duplicate theme is set as default and from now on the option for dynamic links is hidden for the affiliates. Sometimes the merchants do not want affiliates to have their own sub-affiliates.You can set default view which will be automatically displayed to affiliates this way: and also you can set which values affiliate can see if he edit the view. Sometimes when you are not using some reports or screens you might want to remove their reference from Quick Navigation Icons which are displayed on a few pages of the affiliate panel.These pages are Home, Campaigns and Banners & Links.( * How to change it? ( * How to remove it? ( * How to add another one?( What is General Affiliate Link? General Affiliate Link is the link displayed to affiliates at the top o...On the right side you see the available Custom Pages ( If your logo image is bigger than default read here (Changing design You can change design of affiliate panel by editing its templates. If you want to show more details about affiliates in the tree of subaffiliates, you need to edit the tree_affiliate_file.But what if the merchant (or network owner in case of Post Affiliate Network) uses the ...The default size of campaign's Long Description window that shows in the affiliate panel is 450 x 150 pixels.How to prevent affiliates to get their sub-affiliates You need to disable signing up under parent affiliate. Bootstrap sometimes uses contextual class constructs. Those are what you should target to change styling. You can change the foreground color in that heading override or you can do it separately for panel titles. am assuming custom_class to be your class to override heading color of the panel. important to it or add inline styles or a id and add styles as they will have more specificity over class added styles. CSS and search for the class panel-heading and copy the default code.


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