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They too aspired to getting the money that would give them the freedom to make their own lives.

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Street smarts define their habitus and exercise a profound influence over the range of options that are available for them to consider — the neighborhoods they know to avoid, the body languages that signal danger, the values of illicit goods, the motives of different street actors, the routines of police interactions, etc.

The habitus affects both the options to conform to the group they identify with or deviate from it.

(Photo courtesy of Alex Proimos/Flickr) Sociologists use the term social inequality to describe the unequal distribution of valued resources, rewards, and positions in a society.

Key to the concept is the notion of social differentiation.

The distinct horizontal layers found in rock, called “strata,” are a good way to visualize social structure.

Society’s layers are made of people, and society’s resources are distributed unevenly throughout the layers.

Social characteristics — differences, identities, and roles — are used to differentiate people and divide them into different categories, which have implications for social inequality.

Social differentiation by itself does not necessarily imply a division of individuals into a hierarchy of rank, privilege, and power.

The French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002) defined ones habitus as the deeply seated schemas, habits, feelings, dispositions, and forms of know-how that people hold due to their specific social backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences (1990).

Bourdieu referred to it as ones “feel for the game,” to use a sports metaphor.


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