Diabetes Research Proposal

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Application Budget Funding requests must be submitted in US Dollars. National Institutes of Health (NIH) salary guidelines for Principal Investigators and Postdoctoral Fellows.

Indirect costs must be specified on the budget page and are limited to 10% of direct costs (direct costs do not include equipment costs, fee-for-services, consultants, or subcontract costs). JDRF guidelines are adjusted when the new NIH guidelines go into effect.

Failure to submit all required application documents online, failure to submit a budget, biosketches, or any other component of the application, or failure to adhere to the guidelines below will result in administrative triage.

Key Personnel Applicants must provide contact information for key personnel in the designated section.

Biosketch A Biosketch should be uploaded in the Proposal Attachments section for the PI, Co-PI, Other faculty-level investigators including collaborators and consultants, and Subcontract PI/investigators.

The NIH or other standard biosketch format is acceptable.

Final approval for applications is determined by either the JDRF Senior Management or by the Research Committee of the JDRF International Board of Directors.

A summary of the general review process is as follows: Applications may be eliminated from the review process for administrative reasons (Administrative Triage).

JDRF has multiple funding mechanisms to build a diverse research portfolio and to provide the research community with alternative approaches to address the foundation’s mission and to provide research training opportunities to attract new talent to the field.

A summary of the key features of each award type is presented below.


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