Diner Business Plan

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It is with great pride that I share some information on my personal life, and how Colony Diner has become what it is today.

When I was 15 years old, I got onto a plane headed to America without knowing a word of English, any formulation of a plan as to what I would do when I landed, and all the hope in the world.

For six years running, Colony Diner has received 1 Place for Best Diner by the Record Journal. My team, my family, and I are proud that Colony Diner can provide the best dining experience we know how.

Colony Diner is where people go to eat great good at fair prices, receive exceptional service, and enjoy a cozy, family atmosphere.

With hard work, motivation, and commitment, anything can be possible in this beautiful country. I encourage you to introduce yourself, so I can personally welcome you to my table.

A self-described "high-end diner" plans a summer opening in the Park Shelton in Detroit's Midtown as its landlord re-envisions some of the 12-story building's first-floor retail space.

Owning this first diner opened my eyes to the real world of business operation.

My business flourished for a wonderful five years before I decided I needed to work closer to my growing family in the heart of Wallingford, CT.

He named eggs benedict, a three-meat bolognese with lamb and chilaquiles as example dishes.

Lelcaj comes from the family that owns Ann Arbor-based Sav Co Hospitality — the group behind such popular restaurants as Sava's and Aventura — where he worked for around nine years.


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