Dissertation Assessment Criteria

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But this criterion assesses how well you can step back and look at the forest. Criterion 6: Research presentation If the other criteria assess the substance of your thesis, this last one assesses its style.

To score well here, your writing should be articulate and clear; your thesis should be structured in a logical way; and your referencing, formatting, spelling, and grammar should be consistent and correct.

Dissertations may also have an historiographical focus, in which case the historical arguments, texts and debates under discussion will provide the substantial primary source base for the analysis offered in the dissertation.

A mark in this range indicates proficiency, coherent and defensible arguments and adequate examples from primary sources but a rather mechanical performance.

It’s important to discuss these with your supervisors so that you know how they will relate to research specifically. How have you used your literature review to inform and contextualise your own research?

Criterion 1: Research question Obviously, you have to define your research questions or issues in order to proceed with a project. (Note that an A grade requires a “consistently reported bibliography” as well – which means you’ve got to really know your chosen citation style!

(Check back later for the doctoral criteria.) The Masters / Honours assessment criteria are published on p.134-137 in the 2018 AUT Postgraduate Handbook. ) There are six criteria against which AUT Masters and Honours theses and dissertations are assessed (plus one extra consideration for Pathway 3 theses).

If you’re reading this in the future, then I’d recommend you check the criteria online because the digital copy of the handbook is always kept up-to-date with any changes. The criteria generally follow the process of completing a research project: from posing research questions (criterion 1) through to communicating findings (criterion 6). You can also get a or – grade if you exceed, or don’t quite meet, the criteria for a particular grade. First of all, if you’re submitting your thesis/dissertation under Pathway 3 (practice-led), then the standard assessment criteria are supplemented with this one to ensure that they are interpreted within a practice context: Regardless of which Pathway you choose, you will be assessed according to the following 6 criteria.

If you were up for a Nobel Prize, then results would be more relevant.

But for a thesis, you just have to demonstrate that you are capable of the task of research.


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