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Payment of S would then be due via a bank transfer.The provider did not ask for any lecture notes or additional materials.

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“The first thing that came to mind is that they’ve taken one assigned reading, resummarised that and tried to link current events to a history that was presented.

It doesn’t draw any connections to anything we’ve done in the course or any other reading,” he added.“The only additional reading incorporated here are news articles. And nowhere here is there an argument on why it is sociologically interesting,” he said.“It doesn’t answer or even address the question, so straight out of the game it would be a failing essay.” Dr D’Amuro added that the essay “reads like it was written by a student”, but “not a student who has attended a single one of (his) lectures for the module.”“It’s a very elementary, basic student essay,” he said.

Once payment was made, the provider emailed a link to the full essay on Google Docs.

We asked the provider to make one revision on the basis that the essay did not completely answer the given question, and it was returned the next day with slight edits to the thesis statement and topic sentences.“Feel free to add on,” we were told, because “the sociology part was just researched from scratch”.

THE VERDICTThe good news was the essay came back clean on plagiarism software Safe Assign.

But the bad news: it was graded as an 'F' from the lecturer who set the question.“The essay is not adequately referenced, and reads like a back-cover summary of what you’d find on the back cover of a text,” said sociology lecturer Kriston D’Amuro from the SIM-UB undergraduate degree programme in Singapore.Take Inkmypapers.sg, which bills itself on its Carousell listing as “the most established essay writing service in Singapore”.Boasting a sleek website, automated ordering system and a team of six full-time writers, Inkmypapers says it is the “only essay writing service” that provides a “sure-pass” 200 per cent money-back guarantee on any essay which receives a failing grade.SINGAPORE: It’s an open secret on many campuses here.With assignment deadlines looming, students have the option of burning the midnight oil, or turning to an alternative: Online services offering to complete essay assignments for a fee.so I decided to start a business myself.”A LUCRATIVE BUSINESSAnd it is a lucrative one.The base rate Inkmypapers charges is S per 50 words, which works out to about S0 for a thousand-word essay.“There’s an introduction, body and conclusion, but it’s clear to me that this is not written by a professional because the way the language is used is not interesting or punchy.”“It’s too repetitive and doesn’t have those stylistic features I would expect a professional writer to include.”Citing the essay’s lack of references, he added that it was also clearly not written by a researcher.“You would expect someone who does research for a living – even if it’s not sociological research – to have a very dense writing style,” he explained. this has none of those things.”“In my opinion, it’s more likely a polytechnic or JC student wrote this.We were quoted fees of between S and S0, and eventually hired a provider which promoted itself as having writers who are graduates of “elite junior colleges”, and being “so good, our competitors have resorted to defaming and imitating us”.Confidentiality was assured regardless of the provider approached.


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