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But the importance of dogs cannot just be limited to therapeutic roles; they also provide companionship hence improves the quality of life big time.The companionship between dogs and man is highly beneficial to our health.

Once a puppy dog being trained as a service dog reaches eighteen to twenty months, they leave their training family and are brought to the training organization for further training along with other service dogs. During their training time they learn fifty plus commands.

They are trained to perform tasks that are difficult and uncomfortable such as crawling along the floor so that they can get under furniture to retrieve items that their owners may have dropped.

World over, it has been confirmed through myriad scientific researches that human-animal bond is a quintessential thing to both animals and humans.

We better understand the value of this companionship.

Even if you have never owned a dog, you must plough in research for more information concerning dogs before you embark on writing the essay.

To make a top quality informative speech that earns the best college grade, you must ensure you are succinct and concise with your discussion.And do you think it’s possible to live without a pet or any other domesticated animal?Well, the truth is that animals especially pets are close cousins to man. Service dogs perform tasks that no other dogs can do, like paying for meals and carrying objects for their owners, sometimes in a vest compartment like a backpack. They wear clothing that no other dog wears such as a vest to make people aware that they are service dogs.Once you have a full grip on the topic, you outline your points systemically and follow a formal outline for writing an informative speech.For example, when writing any speech about dogs, you will need to understand what roles dogs play in human life.While in medical applications dogs can be used to detect seizures in patients, others are used in speech therapy, occupational therapy.Some dogs are so special that they help in physical rehabilitation to help patients recover.During this time, the puppy is exposed to as many environments and situations as possible, such as cars, children and restaurants, since it will be going everywhere with its owner.Service dogs attend obedience school and learn simple commands, such as stay, sit, and walk.


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