Doing Homework While Watching Tv

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When examining the amount of multitasking instead of specific technologies, the results showed that greater levels of multitasking led to progressively lower grades.There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to show that talking on a phone while driving is very dangerous, many times leading to crashes, even fatal ones to both drivers and pedestrians.Only 1 hour of talking on a cell-phone per month while driving increases the risk of crashing by 4 to 9 times.This is an especially important piece of information considering that using such technologies, including a hands-free phone while driving is legal in most of the states in the U. Overall, research shows that digital technologies can enhance learning when used as educational tools, as they are affordable and extremely portable.However, research consistently shows that inappropriate multitasking with digital technologies is harmful to student performance.The researchers conclude that the experiments "suggest that heavy media multitaskers are distracted by the multiple streams of media they are consuming, or alternatively, that those who infrequently multitask are more effective at volitionally allocating their attention in the face of distractions".According to this theory, people have only a limited amount of cognitive resources, which allows us only to focus and complete one task at a time.The three control groups included one group of students who were free to use any amount of technologies as they wished including any on-task or off-task purposes.The other two groups were on-task note-takers who took notes either on paper or on a laptop.A society with its ever-increasing complexity seems to move people towards juggling among multiple tasks rather than focusing on one task for a long period." Further research, the study's author suggests, will be necessary as the effects on society become more pronounced: "The new technologies are gearing people, especially young people who grow up with digital technologies and wired networks, toward breadth-biased information processing behavior rather than linear in-depth study behavior.Long-Term exposure to media multitasking is expected to produce both positive and negative outcomes on cognitive, emotional, and social development." Regardless of what research on actual multitasking abilities reviewed above shows, people from younger generations feel that multitasking is easy, even "a way of life", that they are good at it, and they spend a lot of their time engaged in one form of multitasking or another (for example, watching TV while doing homework, listening to music while doing homework, or even all three things at once).


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