Ecological Footprint Essay Introduction

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Or are the mattresses that we provide appropriately healthy and environmentally safe?

Or are the mattresses that we provide appropriately healthy and environmentally safe?

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Finally – where does this product go when it is “used up” or reused or recycled?

In essence you are looking at the full cost of the product’s full life.

Examples include door hardware, curtain wall, carpet, light bulbs, drywall, paint, roof membranes, re-bar, data cable…

The exercise first will require this selection of the “object” followed by a dissection of the object into component pieces and materials .

They are a threat to biodiversity and can cause damage to, or even eradicate native species which natural cycles and other organisms depend on.

While disrupting energy flow, food chains, and shaking the structure of ecosystems to the core, invasive species create not only ecological, but also a whole host of social, economic, and health issues that affect the livelihood of almost every organism on earth, including humans (CBD, 2009)....

Grade of 85%: Good description of life cycle with illustrations and sources; minimal team commentary or costing.

Grade of 75% A minimal submission, with uncertainties in sourcing or flows.

Conducting a comprehensive review of flooring options through a sustainability lens would probably be too great an undertaking for a student project, but our group would definitely be interested in the results of a focused comparison. But more importantly, I’d like to get some clarity on what factors are the most important when selecting a carpet from a sustainability perspective. 2) Similar to number 1, another group could look at resilient flooring -rubber, sheet vinyl, VCT, etc.

Perhaps this focused effort would include the leading Interface example vs. This group will need to take examine the issue of PVC (based on the more reputable sources and studies).


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