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If you create a hashtag, you can register it on Hashtags.org, which also provides tracking. Although you can’t prevent others from using the hashtag, it may be useful to claim a hashtag that could be integral to discussion around a trademark, promotional campaign, or event. If you’re using a hashtag for a specific event, be sure to include it on social media profiles, or better yet, on the related website in a post.

Too often hashtags pick up momentum, peaking interest of others that can’t find out what the hashtag stands for.

When topics begin to trend, people with seemingly have nothing else better to do than jump in and use the hashtag in ways that were never intended.

As with anything you cannot fully control, a hashtag can take on a life of its own, or be hijacked, or become a “bashtag” as the following widely-reported faux pas.

Yes, I said ‘heard’ because hashtags have now infiltrated contemporary culture and advertising campaigns.

One blogger recently ranted in a blog post about how the hashtag is ruining the English Language.

For years, hashtags have been used to streamline communication around situations where other mediums of communication such as television, radio and print are not accessible or effective in reaching audiences.

Examples of this include the 2009 revolution in Iran when Iranians were able to solicit support in expressing themselves from Twitter users around the world using various hashtags; the tsunami in Thailand; Superstorm Sandy in the U. in 2012; the tornados in Oklahoma in 2013; and a multitude of similar tragedies.

This is an easy way to identify popular streams of conversation that may be relevant to your goals, offering a way for you to insert yourself into the conversation and expand your social network.

Keep in mind that Facebook isn’t as transparent with hashtag activity, and Linked In doesn’t yet recognize hashtags.


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