Erik Erikson Developmental Stages Essay

Erik Erikson Developmental Stages Essay-62
All human beings are different in one way or another.

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Identity crisis occurs during teenage years when people struggle between identity and confusion.

The balance between identity and confusion lies in commitment making and identity.

Self-confidence is developed in most children at this stage, as they recognize their talents such as in sports or music. identity confusion occurs in adolescence between 12-18 years.

The adolescents are usually concerned with their personality in the presence of others, as they develop a sexual identity.

However, delays in body satisfaction may result to mistrust of time (Erik Erikson’s development theory of identity development, n.d, p.46). shame; that is common in toddlers between 18 months – 3years.

In this stage, toddlers begin exploring their environment with the support of their parents; however, caution is required as the toddlers may access things that are dangerous and harmful to their health and safety.

These stages include infancy, which ranges from 0-18months where trust or mistrust can be developed.

A mother can establish trust to the infant through care, so that the infant does not develop mistrust towards the world at large.

Developing the trust of others is essential in an individual’s life, for instant, a child will only learn to trust his mother if he is taken care of regularly.

In addition, infants begin to trust themselves as pertains to their bodies, such that they can reach for something, crawl, stand, and finally walk.


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