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The genre mainly makes use of guitars with heavy, dirge like riffs supported by an equally strong drumbeat and angst filled vocals.

Metal and its variants became popular in the 70’s when bands such as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest hit the mainstream.

The genre extensively comprises of soothing drumbeats, soft bass lines and self indulgent yet emotional solos using the electric guitar.

Musicians in almost all of the above genres experiment a lot with instruments such as the electric piano (Children of Bodom), saxophone (Pink Floyd), harmonica (Pearl Jam).

In the end however, it’s the regular guitar arranged for some other instrument or with a unique sound along with a bass guitar and drum kit which is the staple set of instruments for all.

Preferences in lyrics vary from fantasy (Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath) to political issues (Pearl Jam), death and its variations (Slayer, Metallica) to apathy (Pink Floyd, Nirvana) and there are many crossovers in between as well.

Music and its classification are variedly based on the scales and instruments employed in the composition of a piece.

With most instruments (such as guitar) being more and more regularly used in almost all genres, it has become ever more difficult to assign a musical piece to a single strict category.

even though sub genres come and go, rock will forever remain a force to reckon with in the music industry.

If you ask most teens what their favorite style of music is, you will probably hear country the least. Most people think that is weird, but I was raised listening to country music. Most country songs tell stories that almost everyone can understand.


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