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A Brief History of Writing and Reading Research Until the 1970's writing and reading were not conceptualized as being integrated.

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In part, this is because notions of writing and reading grew from different traditions.

Taking an historical look back, one sees a conceptual and disciplinary schism between scholarship in writing and reading.

As the object of inquiry became more contextualized, similarities and differences in the writing and reading processes and the ways in which reading and writing develop, affect each other, and relate to learning and schooling became less focal. We will review these changes and close the chapter with a call for a renewed although somewhat changed research focus on the uses of reading and writing and the ways in which reading and writing interact in relation to the contexts and social relations in which they are embedded.

Informed by past as well as current knowledge from the perspectives of sociocognitive, sociohistorical, and critical theory as well as psychology, linguistics, anthropology and English, this renewed focus will examine ways in which reading and writing function in the development and communication of ideas and understandings in the social, private, and internal worlds of people and groups.

At an early age books and reading was something I had to do and not what I wanted to do.

Reading and books became a real struggle for me from elementary all the way to high school because I found it hard to comprehend the books that I was made to read.

These books were not interesting to me and I found myself starring at pages for hours at a time and would not know or understand what I read.

As I mentioned earlier all my experience with books and reading were not bad.

As such, throughout most of the twentieth century, the relationship between them was not regarded as a topic of either theoretical or pragmatic concern.

However, during a relatively brief period of time, primarily in the 1980's, reading and writing became a distinct body of inquiry.


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