Essay Dealing Loved One

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In most cases, the person who is grieving wants to hear sympathy and encouragement.

However, it is uncomfortable for others to approach the grief-stricken individual for lack of the right words to say.

She may have been grieving even before Anna Nicole Smith had died because a distant relationship can also cause grief.

How a person copes with grief is affected by their life experience, the kind of death, their cultural or religious background, their own coping skills, the support systems that are in place, and the person's social and financial status.

It may give them time to think about their own life and an urgency to improve themselves to live a more purposeful life in the event that they should face death also.

There is absolutely no correct way in coping with death, grief and bereavement.

A person's personality has a lot to do with the process of grieving coupled with the quality of the relationship with the person who has died.

When one looks at the recent news stories about Anna Nicole Smith, it appears that her mother may not have had a good relationship with her daughter.

Some cope with the loss of a loved one in a variety of ways.

Even though, it may be a very difficult period, some people actually find some kind of personal growth during the grieving process.


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