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Grotesquerie becomes Dickens, and Iannucci, who co-adapted the novel with Simon Blackwell, has assembled a formidable ensemble to delight in and distill all the whirlwind freakishness.It’s at the level of casting that the film is most original, since Iannucci has taken a color-blind approach: an Indian David, a Hispanic Agnes (Rosalind Eleazar), a Chinese Mr. Racial distinctions are further clouded by the fact that, say, the black Mrs.

In other words, card-carrying existentialists might want to avoid , since none of the characters are whipped into filet mignon, but the message remains the same.

To wit: God is great, follow the Ten Commandments, and it’s okay to bend the rules a little (in the name of crass comic relief or excruciating violence) as long as everything turns out wholesome in the end.

The grand scale nervous breakdown implicit in the film’s title never fully gets realized, and the best we get is Helen domineering her husband after the contrivances of the plot have him ending up in a wheelchair.

Will he recognize the error of his ways and recover the ability to walk again through God’s miracle?

Not before she pushes him into the hot tub and nearly drowns him in the name of slapstick guffaws.

That’s less interesting than Helen wondering whether she should romance working-class hunk Orlando (Shemar Moore) when she’s still a Christian committed to her not-so-successful marriage.

A guardian is not necessarily one individual but a a societal role established for a certain group to maintain control, identity and direction.

A guardian is a holder of culture; through a guardian culture and values are disseminated.

My parents are in their sixties and my father would never had abandoned his role of being a man by not providing for his family simply because the idea of him doing that and still being a man was nonexistent in those days.

So the guardians have traditionally been the men: language, religion, laws, social norms, values, taboos and all the other nuances of a culture have often been created, disseminated and maintained by men.


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