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Essay syncs with the i Pad's file system, Dropbox, and stores its files in HTML format, readable by just about any desktop text-editing software.

You can also get documents out via i Tunes or email. The real decider in these kinds of apps is the interface, and Essay gets the job done admirably.

School regions over the inflection are putting down major money for i Pads, all the more for kindergarten classrooms yet there hasn't been much explore about if utilizing them truly helps person accomplishment, which is difficult.

Most exploration states if utilized effectively, understudy accomplishment is upgraded.

Enter Essay, which bills itself somewhat ambitiously as "the i Pad word processor".

It's an ultra-simple text-editor in the vein of Plain Text or i A Writer, only it lets you format that text.It also lacked many external keyboard shortcuts, which made it all but useless for its intended purpose.That problem has been fixed, in a rather clever way.The app still has the same Dropbox support, handles markdown, TXT and HTML files and uses gestures to control the interface, and costs the same . Apple's tablet has plenty of plain text editors, with all manner of special features, but unless you go for the more complex apps like Pages, or entire office-suites like Documents To Go, then you can't add simple things like italics or headlines to your work.The reason there are so many plain text editors in the app store is because plain text support is built in to i OS. This is not so with rich text, which meant that the developer, Dirk Holtwick, had to do the hard work himself.Further, shortcuts like control-b for bold and control-i for italics don't work in i OS, so Dirk had to come up with something else.Here's how it works: If you hit alt-space, a little box pops up waiting for your command.Hit "i" for italics, "b" for bold, "u" for underline and so on.You can't italicize, embolden or otherwise tweak your text. Some keyboard navigation is supported, but frustratingly not all.Whilst shift plus an arrow key will select letter one at a time, and alt-arrow will let you skip a word at a time, alt-shift-arrow (which should select a whole word) only works occasionally, and Command-arrow (or Command-shift-arrow) for skipping around a line at a time (or highlighting a whole line) don't work at all.


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