Essay For The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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It is a purely a controversial play, so why write a play knowing the danger you were putting yourself in?

Arthur Miller wrote the play because he was accused of being a communist; Miller attended meetings between communist writers.

Also importantto the play is how Arthur Miller depicts how one selfish, evil person like Abigail Williams can bring others down and make others follow her to commit evilacts.

These evil acts affect even the most honest people in the town like Johnand Elizabeth Proctor, and Rebecca Nurse who cannot fight the accusations madeagainst them by those following Abigail.

Those following Abigail are consideredto be holy men that are full of honesty and justice, but the play shows thateven those who are thought to be respectable and right, like people ofgovernment or community leaders can bring death to innocent people if they aredriven by something wrong. Plot: The plot begins with the inciting incident where Rev.

Essay For The Crucible By Arthur Miller Society And Politics In Essays In A Comparative Perspective

Parris finds hisniece Abigail Williams and his daughter Betty along with his slave Tituba doingsome dance in the forest.

This is all a liethough because once Abigail blamed Tituba she did not want to turn the storyaround and admit that she was lying in the first place because one, she wasafraid of the consequences of such a strong lie, and two, because she saw it asan opportunity to get rid of Elizabeth Proctor.

The people of the town made everything worse when they tried hard tofind out who was teaming up with the devil.

The people of Salem believed in the devil and thought that witchcraft should be hunted out.

The play can be seen as a eneral statement on the effects that fear and fanaticism can have on human beings and how one person can cause such catastrophe.


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