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In their view, the Christian community should reach out to welcome and support.

In their view, the Christian community should reach out to welcome and support.

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Groups like the Christian “Exodus” movement are organized to help gays and lesbians in this transformation.

Other Christians believe that sexual orientation is not just another life-choice, but a biological given, of God’s creation and not an abominable sin.

For many Christian gays and lesbians, homosexual partnerships, like heterosexual ones, are relationships of choice, of fidelity, and of love, undergirded by foundational Christian principles.

Christians who support gays and lesbians in their congregations insist that the message of Christ is of divine love and reconciliation, not condemnation.

I would like to tell you my name, my discipline, but I can’t because doing so would place my job at risk, as you well know.

My story is neither dramatic nor a profile in courage.The relations Paul describes, they say, are promiscuous relations, driven by lust and the desire to avoid acknowledging God; they are not relationships of mutual love, lived out in the context of commitment to God.The issue of homosexuality, they argue, must be viewed in the light of the overarching Christian message of love and reconciliation.In some denominations, there are individual priests and pastors who have presided over ceremonies for gay or lesbian couples, a religious act of blessing for couples wishing to express the sanctity of their commitment within the community of the Christian church.By 2013, several mainline denominations, including the Episcopal Church and the United Church of Christ, had recognized the legitimacy of such unions, while others were still struggling with the issue.Other groups, such as Focus on the Family, a Christian ministry based in Colorado Springs, have mounted campaigns to oppose any legalization of same-sex marriages at the state level.By 2011, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York, and the District of Columbia had joined Massachusetts in officially recognizing same-sex unions within their states.At the other end of the spectrum, some churches so unequivocally reject homosexual clergy that the issue is not discussed.However, in most mainline denominations today, the question is being vigorously debated.Since attitudes and values are often profoundly shaped by religious commitments, the churches have had to examine rigorously and prayerfully what Christian attitudes toward gays and lesbians are and what they should be.One issue has been the Bible and how to understand it.


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