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When intelligence of the Immortal s back door onslaught became evident, the Athenians were ordered to withdraw.Merely the Boiotians aided Leonidas and his work forces ( the existent Spartan ground forces were sent merely every bit far as the Isthmus of Corinth ) .In decision, The 300 Spartans portrayed the major events at the Battle of Thermopylai really good.

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In existent life, Leonidas and his work forces held the Persians back for two yearss, after which, they were sold out by a local Greek named Ephialtes.

In the film, Ephialtes is rejected by a Spartan adult females, which gives him the motive to take the Immortals through the abandoned caprine animal path.

Whether this was really his ground for assisting Xerxes is irrelevant, as it likely isn T mentioned in any history books.

It besides adds a little more involvement to the movie for those who saw it for grounds other than watching work forces hack into each other with blades.

This error is apprehensible, as no production company, now or so, would finance and let go of a mainstream film where half of the supernumeraries, every bit good as cardinal characters, are running about naked ( good fortune happening the histrions, excessively ) .

Besides absent was the fact that the Spartan work forces were bi-sexual.

The Spartans, in existent life, fought their conflicts i n the nude ( with the exclusion of a little sum of armour ) .

In the movie, nevertheless, the soldiers are to the full clothed, as are the adult females back place ( they excessively wore few garments ) .

In William Butler Yeats’ sonnet, Leda and the Swan, he writes about Leda having sexual intercourse with the almighty god, Zeus whom in which has taken the form of a Swan.

While Yeats’ sonnet is a traditional Shakespearean piece of history, the concept of God and humans interacting is anything but traditional.


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