Essay On A Trip To The Jungle

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The lion has a strong, muscular like body with powerful legs.

And if luck favors, one can also visit the well preserved forts and museums in the surroundings that form other attraction in these wildlife sanctuaries and parks.

Below are some of the Safari places one should not miss to visit.

Depending upon the place which you intend to explore, your tourist guide will arrange for a Jeep, caravan, or tall, strong animals like the Elephant, Camel, Horse etc.

While swaying on an elephant or rattling on a jeep, one is ought to experience the tread the untrodden paths of the forests – enjoying a peerless experience in dense vegetation.

The jungle safaris are full of adventure splendor that will track down the green and settle your camps amidst the jungle delight or just chase the deer on an elephant’s back for a magnificent experience.

What to look for in a Safari India is a home for hundreds of rare wild life species, bird sanctuaries apart from the famous and magnificent cats (Tigers and Leopards).

The lion, light brown in color, is largest of the African carnivores. This, and their large size, makes it easy to tell the males from the females.

Full grown males range from 9 to 10 feet long, included with a 3 foot tail, and weight of 400 to 500 pounds.

Though, most male coalitions are not related by blood.

Especially since males can come together with other independent males during their lone years.


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