Essay On Child Abuse In Modern Society

Children who have been sexually abused may face severe and long-term psychological consequences.Mental health services, especially if timely, can help ease some of these consequences.

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Future evaluations of existing child abuse prevention programs must correct such methodological shortcomings.

Moreover, child sexual abuse prevention programs must be strengthened so that program strategies are more explicitly directed toward the goal of preventing child sexual abuse.

Many experts are concerned that even when children retain the knowledge acquired through child sexual abuse prevention programs, such children are incapable of resisting abusive behavior directed at them by older and stronger offenders.

Adults must exercise an affirmative obligation to safeguard children from sexual abuse.

The wide dissemination of accurate information to the public, especially to policymakers, will help break the silence and taboo that surrounds child sexual abuse, and may facilitate the formulation of effective solutions to the problem.

Current child abuse prevention programs are focused primarily on educating preschool and elementary school children on how to recognize instances of abuse and teaching them personal safety skills.New, cutting-edge approaches are being developed to prevent child sexual abuse.Such approaches complement the criminal justice and child protective systems, but focus more on accountability, rehabilitation, and restitution than on punishment.However, despite the great potential such approaches hold to preventing child sexual abuse, they are new and not yet fully tested.Such approaches, including fostering survivor leadership, circles of accountability and support, targeted public messages directed at perpetrators and would-be perpetrators of child sexual abuse, and child sexual offender treatment, should be further explored, rigorously evaluated, and strengthened.To accomplish this, we must initiate and support services and policies that enhance children’s development, health and safety and we must advocate for policies and programs to help meet the basic needs of children and families.We must also promote research, training, and public education to strengthen protective factors that buffer risk factors for sexual abuse while also directly addressing those risk factors.Therefore, while strengthening existing child sexual abuse prevention programs, efforts must be made to create programs that shift the responsibility of child sexual abuse prevention from children to adults and public institutions.One such approach includes widespread and intensive public education, such as the use of media campaigns, to increase adults’ awareness and knowledge of child sexual abuse and to teach actions adults can take to protect children.Although program evaluations demonstrate short-term knowledge gain, they fail to establish a link between such knowledge gain and the prevention of child sexual abuse.The lack of conclusive outcomes does not necessarily mean that such programs are ineffective.


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