Essay On Doctor-Patient Relationship

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Still, I was pretty sure that one of her children—if they happened to come across this—would recognize that their mother was the main character in this story.

I teach an annual writing workshop to medical residents and this issue comes up year after year.

We talk about how to craft their anecdotes into compelling narratives, to harness emotions into images, to describe a person vividly through detail and metaphor.

It’s when a piece starts to shine as potentially publishable that things get tricky.

Afurther area of conflict involves the `doubleagency' of doctors for both patients and thecommunity.

Empowerment of all players is notalways possible but is most likely where eachparty considers and acknowledges power issues.

Recently, we wrapped up our annual writing workshop.

As always, most of the residents are budding personal essayists and many wrote true-life narratives about their patients.


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