Essay On Education Problems

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We teach students the history of the computer (same for other subjects as well) at BS level (I think it can be listed in top jokes of the world).

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We have also collected some of the valuable suggestions from well-known personalities as well as from teachers to students from different areas, which we will be sharing later.

In Pakistani Education System, there are a lot of flaws and issues that must be addressed as soon as possible.

If one wants to be respected in Pakistani society, he/she must be a Medical Doctor or an Engineer. Everyone has different creativity and that creativity can only be utilized if he/she chose his interest.

My Personal Experience: I was failed in Matric Exam as I was imposed to study Biology (Medical subject) which was not my interest. Sc level because I chose IT (Computer Science) which was my interest. Most of the students, they have no idea at the primary level that what field he/she should choose to specialize in.

Due to this issue, even degree holders don’t have any skill to utilize and earn a happy life.

Essay On Education Problems

They only depend on the jobs which also need practical skills in this modern age.

Further, in the National Educational System, we have Urdu Medium and English Medium which divides the students, then we have govt.

and private sectors which also follows different syllabus and textbooks. One province has one syllabus while others have another.

It is the backbone of the Education system of every country.

Teachers are given a special type of Training to teach students in a better and friendly way.


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